Yes, there’s another Star Wars movie on this list!

Yes, there’s another Star Wars movie on this list!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Although George Lucas has pumped out some impeccable films, he isn’t without his flaws. The Last Jedi came into our lives in 2017 and was instantly nominated for four Academy Awards. Considering it didn’t win any of them, we can’t help but wonder if this blunder had anything to do with it.

While we know that those in Star Wars have powers cooler than most, we don’t think Finn has the ability to move his backpack without meaning to. One minute it’s out of the pod, and the next it’s inside. Is he using the Force? Is this something we had no clue he could do? Or is this just a case of a continuity error? We’re going to go with the latter.

Jurassic Park (1993)

There’s a high chance that you can’t think of this movie without thinking of the theme song, and that’s probably what John Williams wanted. This epic movie won three Academy Awards and made way for a huge franchise that is still ongoing today. We have more recently seen the whole franchise rebooted with the wonderful Chris Pratt taking the lead.

Yet, there is one continuity mistake we just can’t get over. Unless Lex is a professional quick-change artist, there’s no way that she can change her tank top so quickly. Sure, it may look similar, but it’s very, very different. It’s one of quite a few mistakes in Jurassic Park, but in a film about dinosaurs coming back to life, we think we can let it go.

A Star Is Born (2018)

Movie musicals have proved to be extremely popular in the past few years or so, so it should come as no surprise to learn that A Star Is Born raked in the Oscar nominations, finally taking one home. It’s a reboot of a movie that has been done several other times before, with a modern spin, and it’s sure to have you blubbering like a baby by the end of it.

However, many fans couldn’t help but notice that the speedometer in Jack’s truck reads zero when he’s driving it. That’s kinda impossible. Of course, we know that it’s also virtually impossible to record real-life driving scenes, and the film is amazing, so we’re going to pretend we didn’t see it.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Even though The Wizard of Oz was released eight azing today. While we all wanted to follow the yellow brick road and explore the magical world of Oz, we also wanted to wear Dorothy’s beautiful ruby slippers. They are a key focal point in the movie and even make it onto the movie poster San Angelo escort reviews. What is Dorothy without her ruby slippers?

After all, she wore them throughout her entire trip to the wonderful world, right? Well, not quite. When she and the scarecrow struggle with the trees, Dorothy can be seen wearing black pumps. There are no ruby slippers in sight! When the cast and crew saw this, they probably tried clipping their heels together to get them out of the theater and back home. Oh, the shame!

Titanic (1997)

Yes, Titanic is unfortunately on this list again. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the production or the storyline of this movie (other than that gosh darn door scene) there are a few little features that just don’t add up. Most notably, Rose’s beauty mark seems to have a mind of its own. Of course, we know Kate Winslet doesn’t have one and so it must be drawn on.

One minute it’s on the left side of her face, and the next it’s on the right. Of course, Rose could have just switched this up because she was feeling wild and rebellious, but we have a feeling that just wasn’t the case. It looks like the makeup department forgot which side it was supposed to go on, so just took a wild guess.